Industrial Garage Doors & Service

Industrial Doors and Service

At Durable Door, we specialize in oversized, retro-fitted and rolling steel doors.

We are a trusted installer and are maintenance-service contracted by many local and commercial properties including military bases, fire and police departments, hospitals, car dealerships, factories and warehouses, and a number of management companies to provide quarterly maintenance and emergency service contracts.

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Loading Dock Accessories Sales & Service

Dock Seals

Dock seals provide a safe, weather resistant barrier between a truck trailer and the building during the loading/unloading operation. A truck backs into your loading dock and compresses the pads to create seal. Proper sized dock bumpers to suit the application then stop the truck. When the truck leaves the dock the dock seal returns to its original shape.

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters provide a canopy above and around a door opening to create a weather barrier for a safe working environment while loading or unloading a truck. Dock shelters are normally used in applications where the door opening is 10’ x 10’ or larger, or multiple sized trailers are used at the opening. They also normally have rigid sides and roof with vinyl flaps that the trailer backs through giving it a weather resistant environment.

Pit Leveler

Typically 6’ wide by 8’ long, this type of dock leveler is used for its dependability, broader service range, longevity, and weight capacities. They come in a wide variety of designs from standard mechanically operated with extension springs, electric hydraulic operation, to airbag lift operation. Either choice you make these will give you many years of service.

Truck Restraints

Truck restraints secure a trailer to the dock not allowing premature removal, potentially causing serious injury or death to forklift drivers. Truck restraints come in both mechanical and electric operation. Truck restraints are mounted directly to the wall below the dock opening and raise themselves to contact the rear impact guard of the trailer locking the trailer to the dock.

Edge of Dock Leveler

Normally chosen for their low cost investment, if properly fitted for the application they will also give you years of trouble free service. They are a great choice for retrofitting a dock that hasn’t been built with pit levelers.

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